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Purple flowers, Staple Mills Amtrak Station

Purple Flowers Staples Mill Amtrak Station 18 August 2012

A purple thicket appears on one side of the
exterior waiting area at the station

Richmond, Virginia
18 August 2012

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I find myself wondering where this passenger’s ticket is kept.

Together we wait inside Washington’s Union Station.

See you along the Trail.

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Patio of the station

The sun warms his face
while he stands on the patio
of the station.
The crowd gathers
he waits for the train.

From a distance
he hears a
mournful, hopeful whistle,
and can not help but
to go on, to stay?

Does he have a choice?

26 November 2011
Staples Mill Amtrak Station
Richmond, VA

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Empty building

Somewhere north of Newark
(but could be most anywhere, USA)
you sit:
a windows broken,
interior gutted,
paint peeled,
iron rusted,
graffiti marked,
empty building.

As the train rolls by I wonder:
What did you house in your prime?
What have you witnessed in your time?

23 November 2011
Amtrak 91

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