A prayer for the Dakota 38+2 Memorial Ride

Great Spirit,

you see them,

you accompany them,

two-legged and four-legged

making their way

from Lower Brule, SD to Mankota, MN.

They ride to remember.

They ride to honor the 38 Dakota

who were hung in Mankato in 1862

and two other Dakota, who were hung in 1864.

They ride in a spirit

of peace, understanding, and forgiveness.

May the horses and the riders

and their families and supporters

know your presence

offering strength and grace,

community and perseverance,

particularly in the cold of winter.

May their effort

touch hears and minds and spirits

across this country

and lead to repentance and repair

on the part of the dominant culture.

May it be so.


The executions resulted from the US-Dakota War of 1862. This source is the Minnesota Historical Society. A Go Fund Me page by the Dakota 38plus2 Wokiksuye Horse Ride 2022 provides information about the ride and the history behind it, including the conflict and the establishment of the ride. It offers an opportunity to support the ride and links to a vide about the ride.


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