Light a candle

Light a candle. It may be real. It may be imaginary.
When the candle is lit, pray the following prayer:

God, I open myself to your grace.
May this candle remind me
of your abiding presence
in this place and in all places;
may this candle remind me
of Christ’s unfailing love
for me and for all people;
may this candle remind me
of the Holy Spirit’s sustaining love
in this and all circumstances.

Lift up to God the challenges and problems you face. Ask God for what you need.
Give thanks to God for the good things in your life.

Please pray for those involved in education: teachers, aides, librarians, custodians, bus drivers, security personnel, students, parents, family–everyone involved in education. May God provide them strength and grace at this challenging time.

Please pray for Silvia and the family and friends of Silvia’s son who died recently. May God comfort them as they walk death’s shadowed valley.

Sit with the candle as long as you would like. Then, with a breath of kindness, blow it out.

Written by W. Mark Koenig

Check out this video resource for these days. Rest assured the video quality will get better as I work with it more. 



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