Changes – 12 steps

They say one should only make one or two changes at a time. In a deja vu moment, many changes are needed. Many of these ideas have been tried in the past. All those failures can be viewed as practice, right?

New and reinforced habits:

  1. Cardio 30 minutes a day
  2. 10,000 steps per day
  3. Stretch every day
  4. Strength exercise two to four times a week
  5. Take walking breaks during the day; maybe even leave the Shire – go to the gym or outside (per NP Dina Shah)
  6. Drink 10 glasses of water
  7. Eliminate diet soda (a “chemical-filled diuretic” per NP Dina Shah)
  8. Establish the Shire as a junk-food free zone
  9. No more Seamless (or limit it and change the type of food ordered)
  10. Healthy snacks
  11. Eat more vegetables
  12. Do meal planning (last because it may well be the most difficult)

That’s a start. More will probably follow.


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One response to “Changes – 12 steps

  1. If you’re using a Fitbit, #5 can be a no-brainer, because it vibrates at 10 minutes before the hour to tell you to get 250 steps every hour (unless you already have).
    The hardest one n the beginning for me was #7. Now I never even think about it.
    Still struggling with 11 because I’m married to a veggie-phobe.
    #12 is one I’ve been doing all my adult life. I’ve found that every day I need to plan my personal menu for the day (I use MyFitnessPal) Then when I’m presented with goodies at a party, or pass-around snacks at Happy Hour, I can tell whether I need to cut something else out before I start.
    It’s possible. I’ve lost 75 pounds over the last 5 years. I’d like to lose 75 more, but apparently not bad enough to cut back that much. (If you’re doing the math, you’re right, I started out at 290. Lurking around 215 now, would love to get to 140, but right now my goal is 200. Maybe this year.)

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