Scholarship support for Areej

Cutting to the chase:
Areej Murad, a Palestinian Christian seeks scholarship support for her studies. I gave. You can too.

What Areej wants to do:
Areej is applying to pursue an MBA in Social Impact at Eastern University, Pennsylvania. It’s a 2-year program starting in September, 2019 and ending in 2021. The program will be by correspondence, which means she will maintain her position at Bethlehem Bible College while she studies to be able to support my education.

Areej’s plans:
Areej is called to work in community development in a professional way. Her studies will allow her to fill in the gaps between a heart called to serve, and the professional knowledge needed to do so. Her vision focuses on serving Palestinian Christians, in part to seek ways to prevent Christians from leaving the Holy Land. High numbers of Palestinian Christians are leaving the Holy Land due to the lack of economic growth and limited job opportunities. God glorifying entrepreneurship is her calling. Through this MBA program her purpose is to be an active member of the holy body of Christ and to empower other Christians to be and do the same.

Why I gave:
Areej and I served on a panel in Wooster, Ohio a few years ago. She impressed me with her deep faith, her commitment to the Palestinian people and to justice for Palestinians and Israelis, her intelligence, imagination, and love. Areej has already made a difference through her work with Bethlehem Bible College. She has the capacity to do more. It is an honor to support her. It would be your honor too.

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