Carolyn Doggett, Presente!

Sad news arrived today in the Forest Hill Church (Presbyterian) newsletter:

The office learned that Carolyn Doggett, former member, Deacon and Elder, died on July 21, 2017. 

The Lake Erie Girl Scout Council employed Carolyn. But her true passion lay in working for racial justice. Carolyn knew herself to be a beloved child of God. As such, she understood that all people are precious to God and all people should be treated accordingly.

Carolyn played a key role in the work to disrupt institutional racism and seek racial equity in the Presbytery of the Western Reserve. She challenged the status quo with a fierce, gentle passion.

A dignified, graceful, persistent, disruptive resistor, Carolyn taught me much and touched my soul.

I give thanks for her life and faith and love and witness. I give thanks that she was my co-worker, colleague, and friend. I pray for all who grieve at her death.

In the Communion of Saints, Carolyn goes with us in the struggle for justice and the march for peace.

Thanks be to God for Carolyn Doggett!


See you along the Trail.

P.S. – I wish I had a photo to share. Not for myself, Carolyn is forever present in my mind’s eye and in my heart, but for you who did not know her.


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