The Until We Meet Again Tour – 24 July 2016

The  Until We Meet Again Tour went to First Chinese Presbyterian Church in New York City today. It was a wonderful day with dear friends. Truly a blessing. As noted earlier, my intention had been not to accept invitations to preach during the tour. However, invitations began to arrive from congregations that mean a great deal to me and it became impossible to say no. Once again I am delighted I agreed to preach. It was a tender, precious moment filled with sorrow and joy. The experience crystallized a reality that has been emerging for me – I will miss the people of New York even more than I will miss the places of New York.But they will travel with me in the mystery that is the Communion of Saints. And in the photos I take:

IMG_3181 (800x600)

I even rose to a challenge from Doreen to take a selfie:

IMG_3187 (800x600)

See you along the Trail.

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