Maui – the shirt

Tricia and I arrived at the time share in Maui where Bruce and Nancy Eng MacNeill met us. After words of greeting, they told me they had a Hawaiian shirt for me.

Shirt and MarkI cringed a bit as I generally don’t like such shirts. But they brought it out and it was awesome.

“It’s an XL,” said Nancy.

“Not sure I can wear that,” I replied.

“It’s cut a bit larger than other XLs,” she responded.

I took the shirt. Tried it on. It fit!

An XL. An XL. A year ago, I would have needed a 3X or 4X.

Much work remains. But I have made progress.

A great shirt from good friends and an XL. Good stuff.

See you around the Trail.



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2 responses to “Maui – the shirt

  1. I just recently took all my 3XL and 2XL shirts and slacks to the homeless shelter! I’m in an XL size all the way now. It’s a wonderful feeling. I’m back to the year 2000 in my closet. I’m thankful I saved all these clothes.

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