Interesting evenings

Staying at a hotel in downtown Louisville, I have had a couple interesting, disturbing experiences.

Two of the last three nights, I have gone to a nearby convenience store for unnecessary snacks.

Both nights, a confrontation occurred between the store employees and a customer. In each case, the store had barred the customer for some previous experience. In each case, the employees became abusive toward the customer. The first time, an employee shoved the customer to the floor. Tonight, an employee chased the customer from the store and challenged him to a fight. The customer engaged in a shouting match as he walked away. Each confrontation involved different people.

I regularly go convenience stores near the Shire in New York for unnecessary snacks. Never have I witnessed a confrontation.

The moral I take? No more snacks.

See you along the Trail.


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  1. Really, you were just out for a walk…. But if we’re building a case that the Louisville store is unusual, never have I seen a confrontation between customers and employees in a convenience store as I rambled around small and large places, getting exercise, and, sometimes, grabbing an unnecessary snack.

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