In South Carolina? Here’s a peacemaking conference you might be interested in.

Trinity Peacemakers

When community has been ruptured, how can wholeness and peace be restored?

The answer to this question will be the subject of the Trinity Presbytery Peacemaking Conference, being held

August 15th – 16th, 2014, at

Spring Valley Presbyterian Church in Columbia, South Carolina.

Guests Nancy Smith-Mather, Shelvis Smith-Mather, and Leah Boyd, all active in peacebuilding ministries in Africa, will provide the framework within which the challenge of how to make and keep an authentic peace is presented.

These mission workers will share not only their insight into processes that heal and build peace within individuals and communities traumatized by violence, but also will share up to the minute information about the unsettling events occurring in Africa as conflict continues there.  Please make plans to attend!


Making Peace Abroad and at Home

swords to plowshares

To register, click HERE

To volunteer to assist with the conference, please fill out the contact…

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