It was nice

Anyone for tennis, wouldn’t it be nice?

Cream first posed the question in 1968. Today I came up with an answer.

IMG_1165 (800x600)Many, many pounds and long ago, not as long ago as 1968 but long ago nonetheless, I enjoyed playing tennis. I never played competitively but I played regularly. Each evening I would jump on my bike and ride to the Grove City College tennis courts. Perhaps as many as 12 or 15 of us gathered. Our abilities varied, but we would play until dark.

Today – on a day when we held our breath while leaders of the United States pondered whether to attack Syria – on a day when colleagues faced serious illness – on a day when my heart and mind ranged many places – my son Eric and I attended the U.S. Open.

We watched men’s singles, men’s doubles, mixed doubles, women’s singles, and women’s doubles. We saw a bit of everything.

We saw a number of seeds win. And we watched an upset of the top seeded mixed doubles team.

I came to realize that doubles is an amazing, fast-paced, and exciting.

I learned that my old doubles strategy of serving the ball into the back of my doubles partner is not used by any of the top players.

We cheered. We laughed. We wandered through the grounds of the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center.

It was nice!

See you along the Trail.

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  1. Pat Fitzgerald

    Hey, I think living in NYC has plenty of advantages if yu take them. It is wonderful that Eric is sharing many of these with you. A. Pat


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