The clock runs for Willie Manning

I ask you to join me in calling on Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to stay Willie Manning’s execution and order DNA testing!

The state of Mississippi has set May 7 as the execution date for Willie Manning.

I do not know if Willie Manning committed the acts for which he stands convicted. But I believe it is utterly unconscionable to execute him without examining all the possible evidence.

The Innocence Project notes:

DNA testing can provide definitive proof of guilt or innocence. As the dissenters on the Mississippi Supreme Court noted, it could also identify the person responsible for the crime. Testing in this case will provide surety that Mississippi is not committing a travesty of justice by executing an innocent man.

I do not know if Willie Manning is guilty. Do the test and see what it reveals.

I do not know about all the utterly unconscionable acts and travesties of justice occur daily. I cannot know about them all. I cannot stop them all. I grieve for that.

What I do know is that the state plans to execute Willie Manning on May 7. And evidence remains untested. And that is wrong.

So I call on Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant to stay Willie Manning’s execution and order DNA testing. I encourage you to do the same.

See you along the Trail.


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2 responses to “The clock runs for Willie Manning

  1. Dear mr. Greybeard, on behalf of Willie Manning (I’m his penpal from Holland supporting him with everything I can) I thank you só mucht for doing this. It’s important to reach the people worldwide.
    Jonne Misset

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