28 March 2013, Republic of Korea

The Rev. JC Lee and I spent most of the day in the Gimhae area.

We started with a visit to the royal tomb of King Suro who founded the Gaya Kingdom. The tomb is located right next to the guesthouse where I stayed.

HousesOur journey then took us to Bonghwangdong – this historic site includes an important shell mound from the Gaya period, and the remains of raised houses (the sea-line was different during the Gaya period) and a residential site from that time. The Official Site of Korean Tourism reports this was the first archeological site excavated in Korea.

The Daeseong-Dong Tombs Museum was next on the list. This presents information about the number of tombs, probably of the elite, discovered and excavated in the area.

We visited the royal tomb of Queen Heo, King Suro’s wife. Two fishes facing each other is her symbol. After visiting the queen’s tomb, we went up on Gujibong Peak. It provides a wonderful view of Gimhae. The local people consider this a sacred place. From the Official Site of Korean Tourism:

… according to legend, it is the place where the creation of the Gaya Kingdom took place. During the Japanese colonial rule, the “neck” of the turtle was destroyed by the construction of a mountain road. Years later, a pedestrian road was built to rejoin the neck and restore the feng shui of the mountain.

Lunch followed.

TempleWe then drove to Eunhaesa Buddhist Temple. Located high in the mountains, it is interesting to compare the lines of the temple to those of the mountain.

Down the mountain we came to have tea at a tea house near the Nakdong River. We then drove back to Gimhae where we picked up the Rev. Dr. Hyunju Bae. Together we road the KTX Bullet Train to Seoul. We ate at the Seoul Train Station (a Korean restaurant, not Bennigan’s) and then my friends drove me to my hotel for my last night in Korea.

Tomorrow I rise at 5:00 in the blessed AM to meet the Rev. Dr. Lee at 6:00 to go to the Inchon Airport.

See you along the Trail.


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