What is home?

A place
A spot on a map
A time
A refuge
A sanctuary
Our castle
Where we can always return
Where we cannot go again
A place to land
A place to launch
Journey’s end
Journey’s beginning

What is home?

I don’t watch much television. But for some reason a few weeks ago, I recommendation made by my friend Sid Birt came back to me. I remembered sitting in my living room in Louisville watching Sid watch Battlestar Galactica: the Mary McDonnell and Edward James Olmos version. Sid’s recommendations have always led me to wonders and joy. I pondered the memory and then finally took the plunge.

Sid came through again. The show hooked me. Complex characters, splendid acting, intriguing, unpredictable story lines. It has it all. The show ponders significant questions that dance through the plot and episodes. Through it all, one remains: what is home?

Tonight, as the series draws to a close and the characters prepare to dismantle Galactica, characters spoke the question aloud.

What is home?

How do you answer?

See you along the Trail?

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