Privileged waiting – again

Again I wait in privilege.

This time the date is with
Sandy, not Irene.
Tropical storm?
Whatever name,
I wait.
Sandy approaches.

I have worked my way
through the preparation drill.
Candles bought.
Batteries obtained.
Electronic products recharged.
Water bottled.
Food purchased –
what happens to year-old applesauce?
Does it go bad?
Does it ferment?

I straighten the apartment,
move and position items –
later tonight I will fill the bathtub
and light again the sentinel.
I prepare.

I wait.
Watching football.
Tweeting, posting.
Contacting family, friends
I wait.

I wait and I remember,
yet again,
the privilege that is mine:

I have a place,
a solid place,
a dry place,
a safe place:
a roof above,
walls around;
I have
water to drink
and water to flush;
I have flashlights, candles for light
food that needs no cooking;
clothes to keep me warm;
loved ones who will check upon.

So much I have,
while sisters, brothers have but little,
while brothers, sisters have none at all.

I wait and I remember,
yet again,
the privilege that is mine

I wait and I pray,
for those who have too little,
for those who have too much,
for myself.

I wait and as before I wonder,
after the waiting,
after the storm,
what I will do differently
with the privileges that are mine?

28 October 2012
Shire on the Hudson


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