Olympic moments

At times during the Olympic coverage, I found myself yearning for Mary Poppins. When NBC aired stories of past Olympics, no matter how touching, I wondered if Voldemort had somehow cancelled the events of the day. But still, there were moments.

Andy Murray won a big tennis match. Usain Bolt provided a new understanding of a double double.

World records fell. Amazing performances took place again and again. But, as always, the moments that moved me, touched me, tugged at my heart and brought a tear to my eye had as much to do with the human spirit and grace and dignity and courage than they did with winning and losing. And I realized again why every two years either winter or summer I watch as much as I can, whatever I may think of the coverage. What I will take from London (and more may come as the games wind down) are:

  • Kirani James exchanging his name card with Oscar Pistorius at the end of the race
  • Guor Marial proclaiming that his presence is the flag of South Sudan
  • Amina El Sergany officiating beach volleyball
  • Matthew Mitcham and others gays and lesbians who participated
  • Im Dong Hyun setting the first world record
  • Pandelela Rinong Malaysia’s first female medal winner
  • Liu Xiang hobbling to the finish line and kissing a hurdle where the other racers greeted him as a winner
  • Paula Findley refusing to quit the triathalon
  • Manteo Mitchell continuing to run despite a broken leg
  • Carmelita Jeter‘s exuberance as she brought the relay team home in record time

Each moment a memory to hold, an affirmation of why the world gathers, and a reminder of what could be.

See you along the Trail.

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