Ice cream, anyone?

Find the deal at the bottom of the page.

Today brought my first trip to Sweetie Fry ice cream shop in Cleveland Heights. On a hot and humid day, the peanut butter, coffee with caramel swirl, and French toast provided wonderful refreshment even if they did make for a fairly boring picture.

A variety of traditional and unique flavors fill the menu. Sorbets and sherbets also appear. The heat proved a bit much to order the fries although all reports affirm them as quite fine.

Sweetie Fry recently made it to the semi-finals of The Plain Dealer’s Ice Cream Playoffs. Friends of the owner voted – friends of mine voted.

That brings me to the deal. Should you and I ever be in Cleveland Heights at the same time, let me know. I will get you to Sweetie Fry and allow you the pleasure of buying me some great ice cream.

See you along the Trail.

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