Winter is coming

I confess. I am a Sean Bean fan. I don’t take it to the level where I can name how often or all the ways that his characters have died. But I do appreciate his craft and presence.

My fondness for The Lord of the Rings trilogy leads to a fondness for Sean Bean and all those who appeared in the films – however long that appearance may have been – or short in Bean’s case, given Boromir’s death in The Fellowship of the Ring. Although I suppose, given the length of the film, Bean had a fairly long appearance at that.

The role which tipped it for me came in North Country. Bean plays Kyle, the friend of Glory, played by Frances McDormand. As the trial of Josie Aimes (Charlize Theron) progresses, she seems to stand alone with no one to support her accusations. Glory, critically ill and unable to speak, enters the court room. Kyle reads her words: “My name is Glory Dodge and I’m not fucking dead yet. I stand with Josey.”

I watched advertisements appear around New York for Game of Thrones. They piqued my interest – but I don’t get HBO. My interest increased when I learned that the cast included Sean Bean. There is that great picture of him sitting on the Iron Throne. But I don’t get HBO.

Then a couple of weeks ago, while wandering through a Half-Price Books, I noticed a DVD set of the first series. I picked up a copy of the first book and added the DVDs to my Netflix list. I decided to finish the book before watching the DVDs. After completing the book, I moved the DVDs to the top of the list. Tonight the first DVD in the series arrived.

So far, so good. Great fun – with Sean Bean playing the honorable Eddard Stark (whose family words I have borrowed for the title).

See you along the Trail.

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