Execution scheduled in Florida

I grieve today for Joan “Jo” Rogers, 36, and her daughters Michelle, 17, and Christe, 14. They were visiting Tampa Bay from Ohio in 1989, when they were murdered. It was a horrific crime. They were bound, tied to concrete blocks and thrown into the water. Reports indicate that they were probably alive when they entered the water. The horror of watching the violation of your children – watching the violation of your mother – numbs my mind and makes my skin crawl. I grieve for Hal Rogers, husband and father, and all who loved the three women.

The State of Florida is scheduled to execute Oba Chandler for this crime today. It may have happened. It was scheduled for 4:00. I have not been able to find news stories to confirm that. Chandler was convicted in 1994. Chandler says he is innocent; appeals have been filed, and denied.

Heinous. Brutal. Reprehensible. These are the words that come to mind pondering this crime.

But – the state killing people to prove that killing people does not make sense. It reinforces the idea that violence is an acceptable response. It brutalizes our society. There are alternatives. We can protect ourselves by keeping people imprisoned.

See you along the Trail.

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