Deep into the night we talked,
expending countless words
yet never able to overcome
the shattering silence
of the words left unsaid.

2 November 2011
DL 2181


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2 responses to “Unsaid

  1. David

    Hi, Mark Was good to see you and especially to have a private conversation just like our old days in Cleveland. Ironically, we picked up what we left off when we last “talked.” The struggle is still with us and frustrations are still felt; and yet, we have gotten older, hopefully a bit more “mature,” in the meantime.

    Those “unsaid words”…powerful, sad, almost spiritual, when you said those words. We Presbyterians lose too much when we tend to rely on spoken words to live our faith. Words at their best operate on two dimensions– linear and instrumental, and they often fail to convey our intuition, love, those unsaid words. We fall back on “beyond description.” I believe we will be fluent in Heaven’s language, because we no longer need the instrument of words and we all will intuit in perfect harmony. Amen.

    • Hi David,
      It was good to see you as well. One of many highlights of a great trip to the West Coast. As you say, it was great to pick up where we left off. I look forward to the next time. Although there are indeed limits to our words. We need to pay close attention to other ways of communicating as well. And to look forward to the harmony of heaven.
      Until the next time!

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