Execution set for September 28 in Florida

Barring a stay, the state of Florida will execute Manuel Valle tomorrow – September 28 – at 4:00 p.m. Valle, now 61, was convicted of killing Coral Gables police officer Louis Pena 33 years ago.

As officer Pena’s daughter noted, her father gave his life doing his job. I give thanks for his service and mourn his death. My prayers are with his family and friends.

But killing Manuel Valle will not bring officer Pena back. It will be an act of revenge. It will further tear and wound our society.

Opponents of the execution cite several reasons for Florida Governor Rick Scott to see that Mr. Valle receives clemency:

  • Mr. Valle is 61 years old; he has been on death row for 33 years – more than half his life – and has never been offered a meaningful clemency process.
  • His execution will use new lethal injection cocktail that has not been medically tested or approved, putting him at risk of grave pain and suffering.
  • The length of time spent on death row combined with the lack of clemency process and the experimental and potentially torturous execution procedure makes this a serious violation of Mr. Valle’s fundamental human rights.

The death of any person diminishes us all. Many deaths cannot be prevented. Deaths that result from state executions can.

For these reasons, I pray for Manuel Valle and all who mourn for him.

And I have contacted Governor Rick Scott. I invite you to do so as well:

Gov. Rick Scott
The Capitol
400 S. Monroe St.
Tallahassee, FL 32399PHONE: 850-488-7146
FAX: 850-487-0801
See you along the Trail.


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3 responses to “Execution set for September 28 in Florida

  1. I agree very much with what you said: “The death of any person diminishes us all.” I have thought about that very point. All executing someone does is add more death, pain & hurt to an already horrible situation. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this.

    • Thanks. I have been away from death penalty issues for too long. Last Wednesday jump started me again. There were at least three executions that day: Troy Anthony Davis – who may have been innocent; Lawrence Russell Brewer who remained unrepentant to the end; and 17-year old Alireza Mollasoltani who was executed in Iran – I don’t know much about the circumstances. There are a couple posts back on my blog about those. I have begun monitoring cases where executions are scheduled – at least in the U.S. I notice that you have a post about Karla Tucker. I think the last Letter to the Editor that I wrote on the death penalty concerned her.

      • Yes, I feel very strongly that the death penalty should not exist. I explain some of my reasons for that in my blog. The execution of Troy Davis is what got me started on all this again. I have been against Capital Punishment for a long long time, ever since I really started to think about the issue one way or the other. Karla Faye Tucker and her story have really touched me. As a Christian myself, I am amazed and humbled by the love and joy of the Lord I see in her. Life is precious, no matter what, that’s what it comes down too. We can’t limit God, He loves each and every one of us.

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