Not much in this one

Spent Tuesday afternoon through Thursday noon with the Middle East Coordinating Group at Stony Point Center. They were working on a study resource on the Kairos Palestine document.

Got back to the Shire on the Hudson around 1:00 Thursday. Plunged right back into things. Went to First Presbyterian Church of Whitestone where I was reminded what a blessing my calling is.

Friday brought meetings. It also brought my friend David Bowie. We are leading an antiracism event on Sunday in Plainfield, NJ. Over Fritos and Kashi Snack Crackers, we reminisced about the dogs that have touched our lives.

The NFL draft took place. Eric filled me in on what Cleveland did. I tracked the Steelers a bit. One (that would be me in this case) does wonder what will happen with the NFL season.

Tomorrow will be a day to prepare for Sunday and to try to catch up.

See you along the Trail.

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