Meeting with the Committee on Ministry

The highlight of the day was a meeting with the Committee on Ministry of the Presbytery of New York City – a step in transferring membership. It was actually quite enjoyable. Lots of questions – but fun questions to answer. I believe that seeds were planted for future conversations as well. I think that gathering small groups of folk to talk about ways to partner in ministry may be worth pursuing.

In terms of goals – I ate well again; got a normal blood sugar reading; and walked 10,236 steps. I have not gone to the gym or engaged in concerted walking as I have a couple of sore spots on my feet. I am taking care of them and am seeing some progress so hopefully the exercise/walking will commence soon.

I got home from the COM meeting soon enough to watch Ohio State play in the Sugar Bowl. It would really be good for them to win – or at least I know many folk who would like that – I assume there are many folk who would like Arkansas to win, I just don’t know as many in that position. Things started really well, but the tension is rising. Ohio State just went on fourth down and came up short giving Arkansas good field position. This could ugly for Buckeye fans.

Tomorrow there is a meeting with the Eckerd College group; then I will do some work on the Interfaith Harmony Week; and then head to Louisville where I will stay in the Shire West for one night with a CPJ coordinators’ meeting on Thursday.

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