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Workout 10 March 2018

IMG_0270The workout schedule has been spotty. But today brought stretching and core work with NK Body Philosophy late this afternoon.

Additional stretching followed this evening. The effort continues.


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No single poem

No single poem,
says all that needs to be said,
expresses all people feel and know,
encapsulates everyone’s experiences,
yet still we write,
we scribble and type,
smashing letters together and
trusting our inadequate words
in ways we do not understand
nor ever could predict
and somehow lead to other words,
shaped in other poems
that describe other realities.

8 March 2018
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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And love remains

To the grave from the cradle
we crawl,
we walk,
run, roll, dance,
strut, stagger, and shuffle
until we can move no more
and we are welcomed home
and love remains.

8 March 2018
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Liberty Student Co-authors Book With Mother

Check out this book by my friends Elisabeth Lee and Grace Ji-Sun Kim. “Learning to appreciate and care for the people around you is an irreplaceable feeling. This book took a whole village to create and the process was not exactly an easy one. Nevertheless, it formed a special bond and it evolved into a piece of memorabilia that my mother and I now get to treasure.”

Grace Ji-Sun Kim

My daughter, Elisabeth Sophia Lee, is a writer for her school newspaper “Liberty Life”. This is her latest article, “Liberty Student Co-writes Novel With Mother” (Feb 2018 issue) in which she describes what it meant to cowrite her book, Mother Daughter Speak

Buy the book to see why I am so proud of my daughter. Please read and share this article. 

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