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Purple flowers on an egg

IMG_4398 (800x533)

Faberge presented the Big Egg Hunt as a fundraiser for Asia’s endangered elephants through Elephant Family and children in New York City through Studio in a School. Eggs were scattered across the city with QR codes to identify them. The idea being you were to find the eggs photograph them and tag them with the code. The eggs are now on display at Rockefeller Plaza. Makes them easier to find. Thanks to Tricia, Eric, Neal, and Jane who called this one to my attention.

18 April 2014
Rockefeller Center
Manhattan, New York

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Purple octopuses, not flowers, New York Aquarium

IMG_4321 (800x533)

Spotted these in the gift shop
and had to take their photo.

Perhaps they have a garden.

18 April 2014
New York Aquarium
Brooklyn, New York

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Earthen vessels

photo (63)A rainbow of people,
speaking many languages,
with a multitude of accents,
filled the car on the
uptown 1 Train
as we returned after viewing
All the Way.
And I pondered how far we have come;
and I grieved how far we have to go:
and I remembered how the people portrayed in the show,
Johnson, King, Carmichael, Humphrey:
flawed, earthen vessels all,
helped bend, however slightly,
the long arc of the moral universe towards justice;
and I gave thanks,
and I wondered how I might join that effort.

17 April 2014
Shire near the Hudson


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Purple flowers, Seattle Peace Garden 3


purple on the top,
recently rained upon,
they patiently await
the more rain to come
for more rain always comes
in Seattle.

22 February 2014
Peace Garden
Seattle, Washington

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Join in prayer with Syrians for Syria

map-syriaTomorrow, Friday, March 11, will you pray in your own fashion, for a just peace for Syria?

From the Presbyterian News Service:

A group of young adults from churches across Syria are calling for the world to join them in kindling the candle of peace by praying together simultaneously on Friday, April 11, at 9:00 p.m. GMT (5:00 p.m. EDT).

The call comes from the Syrian Multimedia Youth Team:

The Syrian Multimedia Youth Team works for positive change within Syrian society by using modern media and technology to encourage local development and dialogue for peace. Many team members belong to PC(USA) partner churches and are leaders within the National Evangelical Synod of Syria and Lebanon.

I will pray. Presbyterians around the U.S. will pray. Reports are that people in Jordan, Egypt, Palestine, the United Arab Emirates, Germany, and Canada will pray.

Will you join us?

See you along the Trail.

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Purple created flowers, Morningside Heights

IMG_1310 (800x600)

The fence may belong to the Grant Houses
or to the public library.
Among the decorations, a purple flower

6 April 2014
Morningside Heights
Manhattan, New York

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Purple flowers, North Church Queens

IMG_1299 (800x570)

Pushing through winter’s debris,
purple flowers
grace the grounds of
North Church Queens.

6 April 2014
North Church
Queens, New York

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