Giant’s Causeway


Remembering the trip to Ireland and Northern Ireland from earlier this year.

Revisiting the photos.

Still amazed by the Giant’s Causeway.

02 May 2012
Giant’s Causeway



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2 responses to “Giant’s Causeway

  1. Bonnie Duvall

    Hello! I just returned from my Ireland trip and found your blog. My time there was magical and included southern Ireland as well as a day in Belfast and Northern Ireland. I also enjoyed your photos of purple flowers of Old Louisville. I grew up on the Southern Indiana banks outside New Albany and although I live in Florida now, that part of the country holds a special place in my heart. Thanks for posting your pictures for all of us to enjoy. My Irish ancestors are smiling!

    • Glad you had a good trip to Ireland. We also spent most of our time in the Dublin area with a day in Galway and a day in Belfast. It was great. That’s where I discovered a talent or interest in taking photos of purple flowers. Glad you enjoy them. Thanks for the comment!

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