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Remembered smiles

I know this day well; I never forget it; it invariably sneaks up on me and grabs me unaware; and when I pause for a moment to reflect, I remember why things feel so raw. After all these years. And then I smile.

People have been posting on Facebook about remembering this day because of the Challenger disaster. I remember that. 

But I remember this day for an event that took place twelve years before the Challenger. An event that also claimed the lives of educators.

Forty years ago this day,  on January 28, 1974, William Koenig climbed into a small plane with another educator from Grove City. They planned a trip to Harrisburg, the state capitol, where they were to advocate for funds for the Grove City Public School system. At the time of his death, Bill worked as the assistant superintendent for the Grove City Public School system. But he was a musician. He played string bass in the pit orchestra for the high school musicals. He directed the town band. He was a tennis player. He was a photographer. He was also a private pilot. Though they had tickets on a commercial airline, the two colleagues decided Bill would fly. The plane went down near Emlenton, Pennsylvania, the crash site only located the next day. When I arrived at JFK a day later, after a college choir trip to Europe, family members met me and broke the news and shattered my heart.

Because grief lasts, I raise a glass to remember loses and acknowledge pains. And because love never ends, I raise a glass to give thanks and to celebrate love shared past, present, and future.  On this anniversary, I raise a glass to William Koenig, to his life, to the time, the far too short time, we shared. To all I learned. To laughter and tears. To music made well and badly. To a multitude of remembered smiles.

Goodnight and joy be with you, Dad.

Goodnight and joy be with us all.

See you along the Trail.

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Purple quadupus


Henrik’s toy has four legs – always has.
And it is purple!
24 December 2015
Cleveland Heights, OH

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December 24, 2015 · 4:15 pm

The time is now

Nicole Kung, NK Body Philosophy:
 It isn’t the falling that matters. It’s the getting back up.

Alfred Pennyworth: Why do we fall sir? So we might learn to pick ourselves up
Bruce Wayne: You still haven’t given up on me?
Alfred Pennyworth: Never.

In my efforts at self-care, I have fallen often.

I have learned  how to pick my self up.IMG_3419

Family and friends, long-time and new, have never given up on me.

As the year comes to a close, with holidays and football games and all sorts of challenges ahead, I begin again. Again. The time is now (also from Nicole).

As in the recent past, I will attempt to post results on Steps along the Trail. You are welcome to follow. Or not.

See you along the Trail.

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Much done
once done
begin anew.

Half done
not done
begin anew.

Words said
deeds show
begin anew.

26 October 2015
The Shire
Manhattan, New York

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For all who work

I give thanks this day for all who work –
whether that work is
paid or unpaid
honored or unrecognized
whether that work
earns a pay check or simply involves the day-to-day tasks of living
whether that work is
a labor of love
or somehow combines all of the above.

I give thanks for all who have lived and died
to protect the lives and rights of those who work.

I give thanks for all who live and give of themselves,
and risk themselves,
to make a better world for all who work.

I confess and grieve that the life I live,
the privilege and comfort I enjoy,
too often rests on the backs of brothers and sisters who work.

I recognize that all too often sisters and brothers work
in dangerous conditions, in situations where they are exploited, violated.

I pray that the day will come when all people have work to do
work that is safe and meaningful,
work that is honored and valued,
work that pays a wage that allows the workers
to provide a decent living for themselves and for their families.

I pray that I will receive the grace and the wisdom and the courage
to in some small way
make a contribution to the dawning of that day.

I give thanks this day for all who work.

See you along the Trail.

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Purple flowers, farmer’s market, Lakeside, Ohio


29 August 2015
Lakeside, Ohio

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The run – 15 August

The bandanna ran its first structured race. With my trainer Nicole, I ran in New York in support of a friend’s son who organized a 1-mile fundraising run in memory of his grandmother.

Steps along the Trail

It is finished!

IMG_8178 (800x533)

At about 12:15 pm, on August 15, 2015, Nicole Kung and I ran 1.5 miles in solidarity with Mason Ntula and his family and friends. Mason organized Koko’s Color Run to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research in memory of his grandmother, Jo Ann “Koko” Mason who died from pancreatic cancer in 2015.

This is the first time I have done such a run. I have done walks; I did a walk/run of a 5k for Pirates Charities, running about 1k.

It took a great deal of support and encouragement to do the run:

My family – Tricia, Sean, and Eric.

Nicole, of NK Body Philosophy, who I have been working with since January. She designed a training program and ran with me.

Joel Hanisek, who ran with us in Dublin, Ireland.

Leslie Mardenborough, who made a contribution within hours of learning I planned to run.

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